Miami Turnpike Towing

Few things can turn a reasonably good day into a miserable one than being involved in an auto accident on the I-95. Of course, this could certainly be worse in the event there were people injured or worse, killed. Whether the accident is major or minor, more than likely you will need to contact a company providing I-95 turnpike towing in Broward County. Sure, if there is only a scratch or small dent, there would be no need for a turnpike towing Miami company to come out however; if there is significant damage to the vehicle, it would be wise to have it towed just in case. Driving a damaged car further could simply magnify the problem. Plus, it could pose a danger to those inside of your vehicle or others who are sharing the roads with you. Lulu Junk Cars Hollywood offers complete turnpike towing Broward County services.

I-95 Towing Miami 

One of the top reasons that you can see vehicles sitting on the side of the Miami Turnpike is because they have experienced overheating issues. It's amazing how many people know that their cars run hot, yet they still try to limp them along in bumper to bumper traffic. In all honesty, once the cars get too hot it only causes even more congestion on I-95 and inconveniences even more people. Naturally, the smartest thing would be to have the overheating issue looked at and repaired before you get stuck and need to call an I-95 towing Broward County company. Lulu Junk Cars Hollywood provides I-95 towing services in Broward County.

Turnpike Towing Miami

Anytime a vehicle breaks down on I-95, it can be a major hassle trying to get a company for turnpike towing in Miami. There aren't a whole lot of Broward County towing companies that will venture out on I-95 to retrieve broken down vehicles. The I-95 towing companies that will tow in the area are often so backed up it seems to take an eternity for them to get to the location of the car. Considering that a vehicle that doesn't run won't have air conditioning either, the sheer heat inside of the vehicle is enough to cause heat related health issues. Lulu Junk Cars Hollywood offers quick I-95 towing Miami services 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

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Lulu Junk Cars Hollywood provides a wide range of turnpike towing Broward County services. No matter the make and model of your vehicle, Lulu Junk Cars Hollywood is able to handle towing it safely. They provide complete towing services throughout Broward County and Dade County. Call 305-505-7713 any time of day or night, and an experienced tow truck operator will be ready to help you.

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